Google Assistant for iOS Gets Support for Siri Shortcuts [u]

Google Assistant for iOS Gets Support for Siri Shortcuts [u]


The user can programme the phrase "Hey Google" as a shortcut for launching the Google Assistant app and once it is launched it keeps listening for a command.

Google has released an update to its Google Assistant app for iOS that brings Siri Shortcut support to the app.

Siri may be a mainstay of Apple devices, but if you're a fan of the Google Assistant there's now a sneaky workaround to tap into that instead. These are the absolute best Black Friday deals for getting started with, or expanding, your Google Assistant life. However, iPhone users have had to open up the Google Assistant app manually and then issue voice commands to get things done. Make sure to go to the App Store and download the Google Assistant app and/or update your current Google Assistant app to the latest version.

So, you'll end up saying "Hey Siri, OK Google", but that's the price you pay for Google's AI smarts on the iPhone.

Screenshot of the app via The Verge
Screenshot of the app via The Verge

Google apps have always taken a backseat behind Apples own offerings for Maps, Music, and even with Siri.

With the introduction of support for Siri Shortcuts, today Google has made it easier to accesses Google assistant just by saying "Hey Siri" and then followed by "Ok Google". You should be prompted to "Add "Ok Google" to Siri" with a button.

The process is more complex than usual because it requires several intermediate steps until Google Assistant begins to interpret what the user says. However, after that you can string both Siri and Assistant instructions together to use Google's services.

The Home Hub may be Google's flagship Assistant display, but the Lenovo Smart Display has a few features that might make it a better fit for your home. If you used the same name for your Shortcut, you could simply say, "Hey Siri, going to bed", which will call on the Assistant Routine and perform the action.

  • Terrell Bush