Fernando Alonso departs with donuts, praise and penalties

Fernando Alonso pulls "donuts" with Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi after the Spaniard's final Grand Prix.

Johnson managed to post a 1m40.462s during his F1 run, just over two tenths shy of the double world champion's best. He should have won more, many more.

The Belgian said he had "fun" during his last race for the struggling British team in Abu Dhabi, before switching to Formula E and a Mercedes role for 2019.

McLaren have spent half the year waving off their driver and their papaya orange auto is sporting a special livery in honour of Alonso this weekend.

It was one of several celebrations of Alonso's illustrious career this weekend, which the two-time champion admitted had been a little overwhelming. Thankfully, though, there has been no sight of those ubiquitous Alonso facemasks.

Johnson will drive Alonso's McLaren F1 vehicle after spending over six hours on the simulator at the team's headquarters in Woking.

Johnson, who spent time at the McLaren team headquarters during the week leading up to the swap, also revealed he is excited about jumping in a single-seater race auto. I would need to feel very empty next year on the couch and miss it so much that I would consider returning. "I love to discover new things, to discover new motorsport events and series, so it's going to be a very special day for me", he said.

"I'll try to discover another new series, a different concept of racing, completely different vehicle to drive I guess". It was a nice touch by them, so thank you Sebastian and thank you Lewis. I had really no time in the weekend.

"Every time I was in the room I could see on my telephone that there were hundreds and hundreds of messages, but every time I sat down in the chair, someone knocked on the door and told me to go out to see another new person".

Hamilton never lost respect for his old sparring partner and frequently referred to him as the greatest of his rivals.

Meanwhile, refelecting on Alonso's stellar career, Hamilton said, "Fernando is a true legend. It's been a privilege to race when he is racing", he said on Sunday.

  • Stacy Allen