NFL ICYMI: Baker’s got no love for Hue; Browns matter now

Jackson tried to show Baker Mayfield some love in the handshake line after the game, but the rookie quarterback essentially snubbed him.

Upon running out of bounds, Randall noticed former Browns head coach Hue Jackson right there on the sideline.

Cleveland jumped out to an early lead and emerged victorious over Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium, 35-20.

The Cleveland Browns picked up a revenge victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, with one OH team beating the other, 35-20 - but the game also gave the Browns plenty of opportunities to take shots at their former head coach. Jackson previously served as Bengals offensive coordinator from 2014-2015. "You can get fired, go to other teams", Woody said.

ESPN analyst Damien Woody fell in the critical camp, comparing Jackson's hiring with the Bengals to Mayfield's decision to transfer within the Big 12. "Good try though buddy", Mayfield wrote.

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Mayfield admitted after the game he wasn't happy with Jackson taking a job with the Bengals.

Mayfield wasn't the only Browns player to interact with Jackson on Sunday.

Mayfield admitted that he didn't care for Jackson's decision to join the Bengals less than a week after he was sacked by the Browns, and as a result, Mayfield didn't give the coach who drafted him a warm reception.

With the win, the Browns earned their second straight with interim coach Gregg Williams to improve to 4-6-1.

  • Stacy Allen