GOP Racist Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Senate Race in Mississippi

Republican U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith overcame criticism for comments she made about a "public hanging" to defeat former U.S. Rep. and Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy in a Senate runoff election in Mississippi Tuesday.

The Associated Press called the race for Hyde-Smith at 10:24 P.M. ET.

A runoff election was forced after neither candidate won a majority on Election Day. She is the first woman to hold a Senate seat in the state - and is now the first woman elected to the Senate in Mississippi.

Most notably, at a public campaign event, Hyde-Smith said that if a supporter invited her to "a public hanging, I'd be on the front row".

Asked about her remark in a debate, Hyde-Smith said she would "certainly apologize" to anyone who was offended, but then pivoted to an attack on her opponent.

In a state with still vexed race relations and a violent history of lynchings, the remarks threatened to derail her bid for Congress's upper house and prompted President Trump to hold two rallies on the eve of the election.

Hyde-Smith's win gives Republicans a total of 53 Senate seats, slightly strengthening the party's majority.

MS is a state with a past rife with violence - and lynchings - through the Jim Crow era, and racial tensions still persist today in many places.

Among them are Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who became the first Muslim women elected to Congress, Democrats Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland, who became the first Native American women to join Congress, Ayanna Pressley, also a Democrat, who became the first black woman to be elected to Congress from MA and Democratic representative Kyrsten Sinema, who is set to become the country's first openly bisexual senator, in addition to becoming Arizona's first female senator. "Her words should not reflect Mississippi's values, either", a narrator said in one ad.

'Also the Major League Baseball commissioner donated the max he could to her confederate a** campaign and that was after her crack mouth said she would attend a public hanging, ' wrote Schumer.

When responding to the inappropriate comments and actions taken by Hyde-Smith, Espy told reporters that he "tried not to be too hard" because "the world knows that those comments were harmful and hurtful".

Several businesses, including giant retailer Walmart, had demanded Hyde-Smith return their donations after her public hanging comment.

U.S. President Donald Trump had said at the Biloxi campaign rally on November 26 that illegal immigrants, such as those participating in the caravans between Mexico and the United States, are unfairly disadvantaging American workers. "She wasn't trying to send any messages". However, in 2018, it is deeply troubling to hear the term "public hanging" being used in this context by a senator, particularly given the division in our politics. They also stuck by her as a photo was circulated of her wearing a replica Confederate military hat during a 2014 visit to Beauvoir, the last home of Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

Cindy: 'I guess what I'm really saying is F*** Hyde-Smith and anyone who voted for her. "We are all very proud of you!"

  • Rogelio Becker