Ohio State Fans Will Love Cardale Jones' Tweet About Ryan Day

Meyer's 2018 campaign started out tumultuously when he was suspended for the first three games of the season without pay after an investigation into his handling of domestic abuse allegations against a former assistant coach. That's the thing, people who know you are talking about this.

With a 186-32 record over 17 seasons, Meyer steps down with one of the best winning percentages in the history of college football.

First, if Meyer does come back, it's going to have to be a flawless fit with the potential for him to turn it into a national title contender. Meyer's 2006 title set in place seven straight championships for the SEC and heralded the ascendance of the conference's national domination.

Meyer's time in Florida over six years included two national championships.

There is little doubt that this has been one of the most trying seasons in the 54-year-old's coaching career. Much like Meyer's health concerns about his heart were real in the past, there remains a pocket of college football fans who don't believe it and they think Meyer will be back on the sideline in the future. He had been hospitalized after a high-profile loss to Alabama. Except he immediately went to work for ESPN, where he was a mediocre broadcaster.

Ohio State wanted to announce Meyer's plans before the early signing period (Dec. 19-21) and with most of the coaching staff on the road recruiting.

He was also battered this year by an offseason issue involving a now-fired assistant coach that led to Meyer's suspension for the first three games of the season. Meyer took a leave of absence after the 2009 season while at Florida after a health scare.

(The biggest difference between Meyer at Ohio State and Meyer at Florida is Ohio State's biggest rival, Michigan, was never able to beat him, whereas in the SEC Saban vanquished Meyer). But at the very least, key cogs in Meyer's machine are staying put. It's not like he's going to become John Madden and Jimmy Johnson and spend the rest of his life as a football analyst on TV. A university spokesman said last week that the school was still reviewing the material to make sure any private information was not shared.

Even after Meyer returned and Day stepped out of the spotlight, he continued to prove himself by coaching the Buckeyes' explosive offense, which he's been in charge of since the 2017 season.

A news conference was scheduled for Tuesday during which Meyer is to announce his retirement, with co-offensive coordinator Ryan Day appointed the team's 25th head coach.

  • Stacy Allen