Second 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Hits The Web, Twitter Says Thanos Is Shook

Marvel Studios took to Twitter last evening to share another trailer of "Captain Marvel" which features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel. The new spot, premiering at halftime of the Monday Night Football contest between Washington and Philadelphia, appeared immediately thereafter on Marvel Entertainment's YouTube channel.

In the new trailer, we're given more of a backstory as to how Carol Danvers actually ended up in space - and more of a clue as to how she became Captain Marvel.

And then there are the Kree, a race of noble warrior heroes.

The new trailer goes heavy on the exposition.

"Your life began the day it almost ended", Annette Bening's mystery character tells Carol.

After nine months of training, we can all agree on one thing: Brie Larson sure can pack a mean punch. The previous trailer left people wondering if she was completely an invention of the Kree who merely dreamed she was human.

Clearly Fury and Danvers form a little team on Earth and this is the point in which the hero starts to remember she is from Earth. And apparently, she still knows how to pilot an aircraft with a few flips of the switch. Future X-Men character Rogue absorbs all of Captain Marvel's memories and powers.

Jude Law plays Mar-Vell and we get a glimpse of him. While some questioned her suitability for the role, Kelly Sue Deconnick, who wrote the groundbreaking Captain Marvel comic, told Vanity Fair she was "psyched" about the casting.

Expanding on a scene from the first "Captain Marvel" trailer, the Skrulls are just as capable of blending in with Earth's human population as Danvers is, resulting in a bout of acrobatic subway auto fighting between the movie's heroine and a little old lady. "I'm going to end it". She's in her Air Force uniform and we can see the wing of her aircraft underneath her, so this is probably the moment when Carol gains her powers.

  • Kyle Peterson