Michelle Obama On Leaning In: 'That S**t Doesn't Work All the Time'

"I think it's okay-it's good, even-to do that", Obama said.

Meghan Markle has been given some words of advice from the former First Lady of the United States as she deals with claims of a royal feud and a series of leaks that have led to damaging headlines.

Mrs Obama was startled to learn that upon arrival, the Queen would be driving her in her vehicle and when Mrs Obama hesitated out of fear of another protocol breach, the Queen told her: "Just get in".

"I still have a little imposter syndrome, it never goes away, that you're actually listening to me", she said. "I wanted my own identity so I wouldn't get lost in his journey".

She discussed breaking royal protocol by hugging the Queen, loving peanut butter and her struggles with "imposter syndrome" - all while wearing an incredible long-sleeved, v-neck white jumpsuit, cinched at the waist and with flattering, voluminous pants. "And so the queen says "just get in, sit wherever" and she's telling you one thing and you're remembering protocol", Obama recalled, "and she says, 'Oh it's all rubbish, just get in'".

In a new interview for the January cover of Good Housekeeping, the former FLOTUS opened up about how she and daughter Malia connected over navigating the tricky waters of having a crush in school. "What do you think, honey, should I roll up my sleeves?"

'I just had to trust my instincts and be myself - and then the rest would take care of itself'.

"She's smart and amusing and honest", she said.

"People tell you it's love, it's not love, you have got to have some of that in there but to stay married you have to have a lot of like and a lot of compromise and hard work and I shared that because for many people they look at my marriage as #relationshipgoals". "So when you're walking around with those demons in your head that's the first dragon that you have to slay".

Asked what impact her first visit to EGA had on her, Mrs Obama said: "On a personal level I was just moved touched and inspired, as I always am by the young people I meet around the world".

"We are putting down markers, we make progress and going backward doesn't mean the progress wasn't real", she says of her husband's influence. Well, the much-anticipated event has come and gone, and just like we expected, the discussion was insightful.

"My primary goal with fashion is to wear something that makes you feel good", she said of the lessons she'd learnt from being a woman in the public eye, knowing her image would be scrutinized constantly. "I thought we were at home, y'all".

"So my biggest pieces of advice would be to take some time and don't be in a hurry to do anything".

  • Kyle Peterson