Rudy Giuliani Blames Twitter For His Internet Ignorance

Last week, Giuliani took to his Twitter account to decry special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer, got hit with an excellent prank. Someone noticed G-20.In was unregistered, so they bought it for themselves and posted the message "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country".

While Trump's lawyer didn't comment on the mistake, netizens were keen to laugh at Giuliani, who had earlier served as an informal cybersecurity adviser to the U.S. president.

A Twitter spokesman told the New York Times that "the accusation we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false", adding that the social media site can not edit tweets.

Several Twitter users suggested that Trump's lawyer might be a secret member of the so-called "Resistance", which allegedly sabotages the U.S. president's "dangerous" initiatives from within the White House.

For their part, a spokesperson for Twitter categorically denied Giuliani's inference, stating "the accusation that we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false".

With his tweet, Giuliani appeared to question why a link hadn't also been placed over the section "Helsinki.Either" ― where he'd further failed to leave a space.

Rudy Giuliani issued a garbled text message response late Tuesday to a reporter seeking comment on Mike Flynn's sentencing memo. "Instead he tweeted about it and created a conspiracy theory against Twitter". "Twitter automatically creates a URL if the word that follows is a top-level domain, which in this case was ".in" which is the top-level domain for India. With no facts or justification, he blamed Twitter, saying employees there are "cardcarrying anti-Trumpers".

Echoing a common cry - sometimes made by Trump himself - that Silicon Valley's digital giants are biased against Conservative voices, Giuliani suggested that Twitter had done this deliberately. To prevent that from happening, Velazquez made a quick update to his website. "Either I affect what his message is, or I affect what his message is".

  • Rogelio Becker