Fortnite Season 7 arrives with new Iceberg biome, Wraps and planes

Following the "reactive skin" trend which sees a player's outfit shift depending on kills or other in-game factors, Reddit user 'ProKira' created an awesome "Chameleon" skin that would change relative to the map.

Additionally, if you buy the season 7 battle pass at launch, you'll get instant access to Fortnite's new creative mode a week ahead of other players. The iceberg has collided with Fortnite's map, and as a result, some areas have been frozen over.

New areas such as Frosty Flights and Polar Peak have been added to the map, and a new airplane has been added to the game so you can dominate your opponents from the air, too.

The new Ziplines have been added all over the map nearly wherever there are mountains. Ziplines are a new way to help you travel to and from high terrain.

Season 7 Week 1 Loading Screen
Fortnite Season 7 Has Arrived, Bringing With it a Creative Cold Breeze

Fortnite has never looked like this before. It lets you build your own Island and play together on it with friends.

In terms of new content for season 7, one of the biggest additions is the introduction of planes as a new vehicle type in Battle Royale. Developer in partnership with Chair Entertainment back in 2010, Infinity Blade was the first IOS game to run on the Unreal Engine.

Members of the Fortnite community who are familiar with the involvement of Epic Games were quick to spot that the new buff Santa Clause skin of Sgt. Fortnite Season 7 is now live and gives the gifts of planes, snow, and tons of new locations.

  • Kyle Peterson