Microsoft Is Going Ahead And Rebuilding Edge Browser Atop Chromium

Microsoft Is Going Ahead And Rebuilding Edge Browser Atop Chromium


Besides, the decision to implement Chromium does give Edge one clear benefit, which is the fact that it should be easier to bring the browser to macOS and older versions of Windows instead of restricting it to Windows 10. Whether the move will convince many Windows 7 and 8.1 users to switch to Edge remains to be seen; my initial guess is that some will try Edge when it first comes out but won't probably switch to it unless it offers something spectacular that other Chromium-based browsers don't offer.

Microsoft has come to realize that the majority of the developers are optimizing their websites or other web services specifically for Chrome since it dominates the market for web browsers. However, Edge has failed to emulate the early success of its predecessor, trailing behind Google Chrome.

Previously, Edge had its own proprietary browser engine, EdgeHTML, which was praised for its performance in some areas, but also brought frustration to web developers due to compatibility issues.

"We intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop".

"Over the next year or so, we'll be making a technology change that happens "under the hood" for Microsoft Edge, gradually over time, and developed in the open so those of you who are interested can follow along", Belfiore said. Windows users won't lose all the Edge optimizations Microsoft likes to crow about, either. And the Chromium project will be far more robust with a team of Microsoft engineers working on it. As such, many web developers optimize their sites to work best in Chrome, with Firefox and Edge more of an afterthought.

Just visit the Microsoft Edge Insider website and sign up there to receive information about upcoming builds. For years, Microsoft has been marketing the product as a competitive alternative to Google's Chrome.

Preview builds are "expected" to be released starting in "early 2019". Nobody should have to settle for a sub-par experience simply because they prefer Apple's mobile platform, for example, or haven't installed a third-party browser.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that they are going to be gutting Edge and converting it into a Chromium based browser.

"And this helps Firefox and Mozilla make overall life on the internet better - more choice, more security options, more competition".

"From a social, civic and individual empowerment perspective ceding control of fundamental online infrastructure to a single company is bad", wrote Mozilla CEO Chris Beard. In theory, I agree with what Beard is saying-Google hardly needs even more control over the web. "Google's dominance across search, advertising, smartphones, and data capture creates a vastly tilted playing field that works against the rest of us".

  • Terrell Bush