Prince William teases Kate Middleton for "matching Xmas tree"

The royal couple travelled to the Cyprus military base the other day on a short-term visit to see staff and hand presents to those who will be spending Christmas away from home.

Speaking to assembled personnel, the Duke paid tribute to the 11,000 personnel now serving overseas and on operations, who will be spending time away from their families at Christmas. As we approach Christmas, Catherine and I feel very strongly that praise for your work and recognition for your sacrifices is exactly what is due to you all. "And he said, 'If you see a helicopter can you take a picture?'"

She said: "When Prince William was away in the Falkland Islands he went for dinner with some good friends of ours in the Air Force and he was saying how hard it was for Kate because he was leaving for six weeks".

She added: "As someone whose husband has served, I know how hard it feels when a loved one leaves home to do the job they've trained for".

Yesterday, the royal couple frolicked in fake snow at Kensington Palace and seemed to enjoy themselves as they created a relaxed, festive atmosphere for the military families.

He said about William and Kate: "For them to come out here and recognise the service, it goes to show that the work the men and women are doing is still valued".

Still, George was already looking forward to something else, William shared with a group of pilots.

William and Kate met a boy whose dad is in Cyprus, while his mum posted to Afghanistan.

Her husband said: "We see our main function as giving my daughter and her husband peace of mind".

And on Wednesday, they arrived at RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus bearing presents from the children, wives and parents from Coningsby invited to the palace event.

  • Kyle Peterson