Geralt Is Coming To Monster Hunter

Geralt Is Coming To Monster Hunter


Earlier today, Monster Hunter: World Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto took to the internet for a special developer update. Given Geralt's day-job, he seems a good fit for Monster Hunter: World, but it doesn't look like he meant to arrive in quite the manner he did - a trailer shows the witcher falling through a portal into the New World.

The expansion will introduce new monsters (Nargacuga has already been hinted at) as well as new areas of the game world (primarily icy environments, as you'd imagine from the name), a continuation of the story campaign, and a new quest rank (probably G Rank, or at least an equivalent). You can check out the preview for The Witcher 3/Monster Hunter World collaboration below. World base game is required for the expansion and is now available across consoles and PC.

Iceborne is scheduled to release well into 2019, but Capcom also announced another, smaller update scheduled for early 2019: a Witcher 3 collaboration featuring none other than Geralt of Rivia, who is presumably a longsword main. The base game version is now available across consoles and PC. It will include brand new voice acting with Geralt's original actor.

The Appreciation Fest will be a special event to celebrate the game's 1st anniversary with a decorated gathering hub and the return of nearly all quests. So, if you haven't yet playing the monster-hunting RPG, listen up!

After years of trying, Monster Hunter finally became a mainstream hit in the West this year and as you'd expect Capcom are doing their best to keep it that way.

The Monster Hunter website says the demo will be available only until December 16, though we'll have to wait for Capcom to sort that out to know when the demo ends.

  • Terrell Bush