McLaren dreams up the Senna 'Beco' tribute hypercar

McLaren dreams up the Senna 'Beco' tribute hypercar


There are new front dive planes, a wider front splitter, a gurney flap and new barge boards to better channel air along the side of the auto. Like the F1, McLaren treated the engine bay to 24-karat gold heat shielding, along with a Lexan plastic engine cover and a blue-tipped exhaust.

Chassis no12 is finished in the same McLaren Rocket Red and Anniversary White colour scheme as the Marlboro-sponsored MP4/4 that propelled Senna to victory in the 1988 F1 season. This particular P1 is very special.

McLaren commemorated the 30th anniversary of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna's first championship with a P1 GTR wearing the same livery as that of the auto that carried him there: the MP4/4.

The MSO McLaren P1 GTR is lovingly dubbed "Beco" after the pet name Senna's family and friends gave the legendary driver. Ayrton Senna gets one more homage from the British carmaker in the form of a bespoke McLaren P1 GTR. Along with the new MP4/4 colours, there's also Senna's "12" on the nose and 30th anniversary badges behind the side windows. Senna was crowned world champion for the first time in 1988, besting Alain Prost in a campaign that the McLaren teammates utterly dominated.

Further honouring the Brazilian icon, the McLaren Senna was revealed earlier this year, boasting incredible specifications including a top speed of 211 miles per hour (340 kmh) and the capacity to go from 0-60 miles per hour (0-100kmh) in a breathless 2.8 seconds. Taking his idea to McLaren's Special Operations (MSO) division a while back, the customer asked for the build of a special auto tribute to Senna's very first race for McLaren.

Other unique details include the Senna Brand Trademark on the front splitter as well as in front of the air intake and each door. The doors also show the Brazilian flag and the bar code used in lieu of Marlboro script when required by advertising restrictions.

The interior wasn't left out of the thoughtful touches, either. Thin red striping on the dash and doors complete the look. There's Senna branding all over the place, and the seats have been swapped out in favor of the seats from the McLaren Senna.

  • Terrell Bush