Track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve with NORAD

Children ask for Santa's location, discuss their Christmas lists and probe volunteers for other details.

Despite the shutdown, more than 1,500 civilians and military personnel have enthusiastically volunteered to continue their tradition of tracking Santa's worldwide journey on Christmas Eve for the 63rd year in a row.

It can be noted that this is 63-years tradition of NORAD to help children track St. Nick's journey during the Christmas Eve.

Shoup was based at the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), which had the serious job of monitoring a far-flung radar network for any sign of a nuclear attack on the US.

Each year, NORAD's Tracks Santa website (can be accessed here) gets almost 9 million unique visitors from more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Even though the USA government's shutdown has forced agencies to run with a skeleton staff, it won't be affecting a long-running holiday tradition.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross has released a statement which reads: "Santa and Mrs Claus, associated reindeer and a very, very large sleigh have been granted permission to enter Irish air space from 5pm this evening".

Any time on December 24, Amazon Alexa users can ask for Santa's location through the NORAD Tracks Santa skill for Amazon Alexa, and OnStar members can push the blue OnStar button in their vehicles to locate Santa. Shoup discovered what had happened, but continued to go along with it, which has now blossomed into a real operation that attracts thousands of children's calls every year.

"One of the hardest parts about being married to Santa is that he always forgets to let me know where he is", Mrs. Claus said in a blog post.

NORAD's commander, Air Force Gen. Terrence J.

"I assume this committee can count on your commitment to continue that venerable tradition", Arkansas Republican Sen. "Yes sir, especially since my son Sam would want to see that as well", O'Shaughnessy replied, AP reported.

It is the 15th year Google has launched its Santa tracker and alongside the traditional tracker, the tech giant has a range of holiday activities for the children.

  • Rogelio Becker