Girl who talked to Trump still believes in Santa

Donald and Erica Lloyd, parents of 7-year-old Collman, told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday that the coverage of Mr. Trump's comments to their daughter about Santa has been way overblown.

Trump wished Coleman a Merry Christmas and asked her age, Christmas plans and how she was doing in school. Only Trump's end of the conversation could be heard by reporters, but Collman's family later posted video of the call on YouTube.

Trump replied, "Because at 7, that's marginal, right?"

The child, Collman Lloyd, from Lexington, South Carolina, told the Post and Courier newspaper she was still a believer. She said she'd never heard the word "marginal" before.

A seven-year-old asked by Trump if she still believed in Santa has said that the conversation did not shake her belief in the bearded deliverer of Christmas gifts. In an interview with the Post and Courier of Charleston, she said the scientist who answered the NORAD phone asked her if she would like to speak to the president.

"Most people know this question".

As for Collman, she and her siblings left milk and cookies for Santa and found presents under the tree the next morning.

"Santa is real after all", she said.

She says "yes, sir", once more - and then an adult in kitchen quickly tries to change the subject, imploring the other kids in the room to say hi to Mr. President.

Trump usually spends Christmas at his Florida estate.

The tracker, organized by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is organized by volunteers who field calls from curious children wanting to know where Santa is as Christmas approaches.

"I was glad to get your letter about trying to stop the Russians from bombing the North Pole and risking the life of Santa Claus", wrote President Kennedy.

"I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security", Trump tweeted on Monday.

One person who did have something negative to say about Trump was former longtime CBS News anchor Dan Rather. "It made her Christmas". That budget included $5 billion for the border wall.

  • Rogelio Becker