PlayStation Plus January Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus January Lineup Revealed


Unfortunately, this quality doesn't quite extend to the PlayStation 4 lineup which is...lacking, comparatively at least. We've reached out to Sony to see if the price drop is permanent and will update if we hear back. By making that move and improving its console, Microsoft scored more Xbox One X sales than Xbox One totaled in its first months on the market. That's 40% off a product that released less than a month ago.

Steep is a snowboarding game by Ubisoft Annecy, the studio now working on The Division 2 alongside Massive Entertainment. PlayStation 3 owners can also grab Harmonix's Amplitude. Are you excited for any of the games included with PS+ for January 2019?

The reveal was met with doubts since the console only comes with 20 games. Players can switch between these activities by using the game's menu wheel. Also available for download on that day are the exclusive Toro Winter Dynamic Theme and Premium Musical Notes Final Fantasy Sound Selection. This was particularly confusing considering that, otherwise, the PlayStation Classic lacked many basic features as compared with the Super NES Classic.

The biggest benefit of buying the PlayStation Classic at a reduced price is the hardware. Getting excited to check out one of them? For the games which previously supported on PlayStation Vita and PS3, now you will be able to find them only on PlayStation Plus subscription. You can subscribe to PlayStation Plus via this link. Just remember, while nostalgia helps ease the memories, not every game from the late '90s was a classic.

  • Terrell Bush