Statewide 911 malfunctions reach Clark County

Statewide 911 malfunctions reach Clark County


Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai was quick to issue a statement expressing his disappointment with CenturyLink shortly after the incident went public. "The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling". It offers communications and information technology services in dozens of states.

The outage also cut off internet service for CenturyLink customers in some cities, including Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago, CNN affiliate KOMO in Seattle reported.

CenturyLink spokeswoman Debra Peterson said the outage is not related to hacking, She declined further comment. It hasn't provided a cause for the problems.

CenturyLink said it "discovered some additional technical problems as our service restoration efforts were underway".

Emergency 911 services in some USA states have gone down yesterday and today due to a massive outage reported at several CenturyLink data centers.

DownDetector reported initial signs of the outage around 1 a.m. PT Thursday.

The sheriff's office also said it appeared that Bisbee and Benson's 911 systems were down as well.

CRESA said it received reports from first responders in the field about individuals who were not aware of the outage or how to reach 911.

There were reports of ATM machines not working in Idaho and Montana.

The Clark County 911 Center later acknowledged the accidental text message in a Twitter post early Friday.

The 911 dispatch centre and emergency management in western Missouri's Johnson County were hit by the outage, county Emergency Management Director Troy Armstrong said Friday.

Over a dozen counties in North Texas were part of a nationwide outage that prevented people from calling 911 on their cell phones on Thursday night and into Friday.

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