Netflix's 'Bird Box' Hits Record-Breaking 45 Million Accounts in First Week

Netflix's buzzy new horror film "Bird Box" has people online attempting a new kind of challenge: going about everyday tasks blindfolded. Given that Netflix self-reports its view metrics and has been tight lipped about them in the past, it will be interesting to compare this to future films on the service going forward.

Have you seen Bird Box and, if so, what did you think of it?

The film has gone viral, complete with memes and spoilers galore on social media networks like Twitter - where Netflix boasted to its followers that Bird Box has been "discovered" by "45,037,125" accounts and counting. So, the 45 million number seems plausible anyway, especially if Netflix has been pushing it hard to viewers around the world.

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According to CNN Business, the big Netflix boast should be taken with a huge grain of salt, requiring a whole list of disclaimers, qualifiers, and questions, many of which industry insiders and journalists have been pressing the streaming giant to answer over their lack of transparency.

BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield suggested the movie had "an equivalent global box office of over $700 million in a week", based on those numbers, while others pointed out flaws in the logic. Given that the streaming giant nearly never reveals any numbers, it's a surprising reveal, but one, given the proliferation of Bird Box memes online, that seems to make sense. But it's also important to note that Netflix is counting by accounts.

Netflix NFLX, +4.62% has avoided releasing ratings data for its shows that would reveal how many people watch them, but has from time to time claimed record viewership, typically without providing raw or historical numbers to back up their claims. And it was of accounts, not viewers. Plenty of folks share Netflix accounts, so some of those Bird Box viewings may be by more than one person at once.

  • Kyle Peterson