Trump Gives Weird History Lesson on Afghanistan and Russian Federation

Earlier, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who is considered close to President Trump, told CNN in an interview that if Pakistan helped the USA in bringing the Taliban to the table for negotiations, then the United States would focus on counterterrorism and the ISIS. In February previous year, he had mocked PM Modi.

"Hope our Government responds firmly and reminds America that since 2004, India has built extensive roads, dams in Afghanistan and pledged over $3 billion in assistance", he added.

In an apparent response to Trump calling on India, Russia, Pakistan and other neighboring countries to take responsibility for Afghanistan's security, Indian officials said their country does not send its armed forces overseas, except under the specific mandate of U.N. Peacekeeping Operations. In January past year, a Washington Post report said that he puts on the Indian accent and "imitates" PM Modi while discussing Afghanistan policy. "We can't just allow that", he said, likely referring to safe havens for the Taliban in Pakistani territory. "You know, a lot of these places you're reading about now are no longer part of Russian Federation, because of Afghanistan".

But in a weird aside, the president defended the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Chairing his first Cabinet meeting of the year on Wednesday, Trump said: "I could give you an example where I get along very well with India and Prime Minister Modi". "And we're supposed to say, 'Oh, thank you for the library.' I don't know who's using it in Afghanistan".

And, by the way, I am not opposed to a withdrawal from Afghanistan, but this is very much ranging into broken clocks getting the time right twice a day or blind squirrels finding nuts.

As of July, the United States had reported more than 2,300 military deaths since entering Afghanistan in 2001. To now hear Trump justifying the invasion was "really unusual", he said.

Sources pointed out that the developmental partnership is premised on five pillars - infrastructure projects, capacity building, humanitarian assistance, economic development and connectivity. Some 14,000 USA troops are now stationed in Afghanistan.

There was ultimately a problem with extremism in Afghanistan, but it developed largely after the USSR left, and the mujahideen groups that sprang up to fight the Soviets devolved into the Taliban. "We are talking to a lot of different people". He added: "They were right to be there".

An intelligence official in Washington, who spoke on condition of anonymity said: "He actually wants Pakistan back in there, in the fighting?"

India is considering supplying additional military hardware to Afghanistan to help it combat terrorists, according to people aware of the matter.

The Soviets invaded the Central Asian country in 1979 in order to install a friendly government there.

  • Rogelio Becker