Fortnite: Week 5, Season 7 Breakdown on Challenges

Fortnite: Week 5, Season 7 Breakdown on Challenges


"Fortnite" released the weekly challenges for Week 5 of Season 7 on Thursday. Here are the locations for them.

We've reached the halfway point for Fortnite: Battle Royale's season seven challenges, so expect a good mix of tasks to do this time. A game mode like Team Rumble will be your best bet to dance on top of the air traffic control tower in peace, as you will not have enemy players swarming the same location as you. By completing the week 5 challenges in Fortnite you will be able to unlock a unique loading screen for the game. Completing five stages of this quest will mark it as complete.

There have been plenty of damage-dealing challenges in Fortnite, but this one isn't about shooting other players - it's the structures they build. This item will do a lot of damage to built structures, and it's flawless to remove the barriers between you and your enemies you're trying to kill. If you know your way around the map, you'll know that means you need to head southeast of Tomato Temple, just south of the bridge.

According to the leaked information, the second area you'll need to dance upon is the ranger tower. This is because the challenge requires you to find it and then dance on top of it. To find the secret star though, you're going to need to complete all of the Week 5 challenges in advance.

Suppressed weapons include any gun with a suppressor, so you can use the suppressed handgun, the suppressed submachine gun or the suppressed assault rifle.

Retail Row is pretty easy to spot on the map, and the water tower can be found as part of the H-6 coordinates. There is one at Retail Row, where the chest usually spawns. It's the flawless location to land for this quest because it's great for close combat and you know there will always be people landing there. This particular challenge is one of the four exclusive ones so be sure to have the Battle Pass if you want to do it. You can find a visual representation of the location for the air traffic control tower in Fortnite below.

  • Terrell Bush