Samsung says Bixby will soon support Google apps

Samsung says Bixby will soon support Google apps


There are now 28,000 smart home devices that include Alexa, but only 10,000 products that work with Google Assistant. Just say "Hey Google, be my French interpreter", to launch Interpreter Mode and get real-time audible and written (on Smart Displays) translation.

However, Android phones will still make up the majority of Google Assistant's install base.

Ahead of CES' official opening on Tuesday, Google also announced that there are now nearly a billion devices running the Google Assistant.

According to Bronstein, the next billion devices will come in emerging markets, more specifically on feature phones.

It's clear Google wants the Assistant to be everywhere, and we plan to hear much more regarding Google's plans over the coming days as CES 2019 kicks into full gear. That's pretty impressive, but of course, Google has Android to thank for this achievement.

The companies on Monday night announced that the Brilliant Home Control is now integrated with Apple's HomeKit, allowing consumers to find and control any light connected to Brilliant's small touchscreen tablet by speaking to Siri or its Home app on any Apple device.

That's up from 500 million devices in May, so once this milestone is met at some point in the near future, the number of Google Assistant-supporting devices will have doubled in less than a year. This feature will be very useful in many settings as it should work with any Assistant-enabled speaker or display. New features unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week will let you access Google Assistant from your phone's lock screen, check into flights with your voice and more easily send text messages. Amazon has for years worked to make it easy for third-party developers and manufacturers to build products and apps with Alexa, and this new platform could go a long way toward doing the same for the Google Assistant.

Without providing specific numbers, Huffman said Google Home and Google Home Hub devices sold well throughout this past holiday season.

We'll see your 100 million assistant devices and raise you 1 billion. One of the most recent announcements from trusted sources reveals that Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 will offer support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa along with Bixby support.

  • Terrell Bush