Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

"So I didn't get the picture with her, so that's how you get denied for a picture by Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, b-".

On last night's premiere of Lohan's brand new MTV series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, she reveals what brought up the decision to open her third business venture. Could Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, as hollow as it may be, actually lend itself to teeing up a Hollywood comeback?

What should one expect when Lindsay Lohan, queen of the late-aughts tabloid scene, rebrands herself as a European businesswoman, complete with an MTV reality series? "It's so embarrassing to me now, you have to understand that".

And Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show earlier in the day to help cook up some Garlicky Lemon-Pepper Shrimp. "I don't know what else you could do, unless someone is killed off, but that would not be 'Mean Girls.' It has to be everyone".

"I was in a very tumultuous relationship", Lohan admitted. She was recently hit by a refugee in an altercation which broke out after she accused an alleged homeless couple of trafficking their children. "I was in a different place in my life".

On Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, viewers are able to get an in-depth look of what it takes to build an empire from the ground up. "I know what 'one minute" means".

Lindsay Lohan went on that everyone wants to come back for a sequel, "Yes".

"This is a time for me to just show people that the past is the past and we're only moving forward", she said, then going on to explain that she enjoyed getting to work one-on-one with young people in an employer-employee setting.

New episodes of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club airs Tuesday night on MTV.

  • Kyle Peterson