Manny Machado Still Seeking More Than $325 Million, Yankees Out

The Phillies and White Sox are both also interested in Harper while the Dodgers could be another possible landing spot, according to the report. On Tuesday, the club agreed to terms with outfielder Jon Jay, who is friends and workout partners with Machado.

Here's the latest on 26-year-old shortstop/third baseman/ball-punisher Manny Machado, who would be the most compelling free agent in many, many years if not for the other 26-year-old on the market, Bryce Harper.

Do the Yankees want Manny Machado or not?

Bryce Harper could end up heading back to the Nationals. Levine speculates that the meeting with Harper could act as a sort of deadline for Machado to make his decision.

After years of consistent losing, the White Sox and their loaded farm system are ready to start winning now. While the Yankees did sign Troy Tulowitzki for the league minimum, this does not rule them out on Machado.

He is reportedly down to the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox, per a reputable source.

Unfortunately for Chicago, they're not the only team in a position to offer Machado a big contract, and even worse for Chi-Town is that the Sox aren't expected to be very competitive for another year or two.

Finally, all we can do as fans is await the decision, and hopefully Mr. Levine is correct and it will come sooner rather than later. As far as the value of the contract, it's unknown, but it is believed Machado could receive between $25-$28 million annually, Levine adds.

  • Stacy Allen