Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to testify publicly before Congress

That doesn't mean Cohen's testimony won't have dramatic reveals.

President Donald Trump says he's not anxious about his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, testifying before Congress.

Mr Cohen once professed to be so loyal to Mr Trump that he would take a bullet for his boss.

The president, "knows the truth", Cohen said.

Michael Cohen wil testify to Congress on February 7.

"We will not interfere with the Mueller investigation", the Maryland Democrat said Friday. The investigation has clouded Trump's presidency.

Cohen, who once said that he'll "take a bullet" for Trump, told a judge last month that his "blind loyalty" to the US leader led him to "cover up his dirty deeds".

Cohen, 52, also pleaded guilty to eight separate counts, including campaign finance violations, that he said were carried out at the direction of Trump. Trump has denied he directed Cohen to make the payments.

Cohen, Trump's self-described longtime "fixer," pleaded guilty to the campaign finance charge in August and to making false statements in November. On the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff has said he will issue a subpoena if necessary to obtain Donald Trump Jr.'s phone records to find out who Trump's son called when Trump Jr. called a number blocked in phone records while setting up the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. "The American people deserve that", Cummings said. "They want to hear from him".

"It will be necessary, however, for Mr Cohen to answer questions pertaining to the Russian Federation investigation, and we hope to schedule a closed session before our committee in the near future". Cohen will testify publicly before Congress in February 2019. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the oversight committee, didn't rule out pressing Cohen on questions related to any topic. "I want to be clear on that".

"This is a watershed moment", Cummings said, invoking Dean, who he said "changed the course of America" with his testimony.

The Senate intelligence committee has also asked Cohen to return.

"I hope you will work with me and the minority members to avoid an unproductive and chaotic hearing", Jordan wrote.

Jordan was frequently frustrated when Republicans were investigating FBI and Justice Department conduct in 2016 that his questions about the origins of the Russian Federation investigation and a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant were rebuffed by DOJ lawyers.

Cohen has a track record of erratic and unethical behavior, caught on tape at one point threatening a Daily Beast reporter with complete financial and social ruin if he published a story with the words "Trump" and "rape" regarding an accusation made by Trump's first wife. "I mean I think what we're really going to find over the long run is the money laundering that went on very volitionally by Donald Trump's organization is probably what's going to bring him down". Cohen's is merely an early testimony in a long parade of similar ones we'll see all year. He reports to prison March 6.

  • Rogelio Becker