DxOMark tested 12 smartphones to see the best camera

DxOMark tested 12 smartphones to see the best camera


However, the test elected two smartphones as the best one that can be used to snap the best selfies - Google's Pixel 3 and Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. If you have, there's now an easier way to find out, as camera-analyst specialist DxOMark has just launched its selfie test protocol with the aim of ranking the front-facing snappers on smartphones.

While many users will stick with the default settings their handsets come with, some smartphone cameras can offer more for those willing to adjust settings and use alternative shooting modes. However, there was one glaring issue with the company's testing procedure: the company didn't measure the image quality of the front-facing camera on smartphones. Complementing the existing DxOMark Mobile for smartphone main cameras, DxOMark will now be able to provide a complete assessment of a smartphone's photography abilities.

DxOMark is a controversial rating system for smartphone cameras.

The DxOMark selfie test takes into consideration several factors such as skin tones, details, colour accuracy, sharpness and other parameters. To the right, there will be a listing which consists of the top scoring smartphones.

DxOMark has kicked off its selfie camera testing protocol by picking up 10 phones.

DxOMark says that they evaluate over 1,500 photos and two hours of videos in its selfie camera tests, for every phone, which is, needless to say, a lot.

So, which phones have the best selfie cameras? The Pixel 3 has the upper hand when it comes to the focus system.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 also got tested, and it sits in the third place on the list with 84, while the iPhone XS Max is right behind it with 82 points. The Note 9 delivers better results for color and exposure. "Images captured with the Google device show slightly stronger contrast and a cooler white balance". It was deemed to be the best of the bunch for taking selfie videos, and also stood out for its lower-contrast selfie portraits, which gives faces a more natural look.

  • Terrell Bush