I Told Sanders 'Not to Bother' With Briefings

Gidley noted that Trump often engages with the media on the White House lawn while walking to board Marine One and is famous for giving his views on Twitter.

But past press secretaries have said that the briefings serve a useful objective. Now that Trump is speaking more frequently, the media wants to hear more from Sanders, Gidley said.

In Sanders' most recent briefing on December 18, the leading headlines involved the president moving forward with his ban on bump stocks and the delay in the sentencing for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

He added that press briefings have turned into a "circus", in which "B-rate reporters" become "YouTube stars" due to their clashes with Sanders.

The last briefing took place on December 18.

"She's [Sarah Sanders] going to come back when she finds a reason to", he said on "America's Newsroom".

"Is there any plans to start that back up again, or see Sarah Sanders back up at the podium?"

Not exactly true, but that's what we're used to out of this White House.

The president's swipe at the media for inaccurate and rude stories comes after a weekend replete with some of the most inaccurate and rude stories the media has produced since the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS battle.

You know, I'm getting sick and exhausted of this buffoon sitting in the Oval Office, you know, the most respected room essentially, and this entire country, and it's inhabited by this ape man who sits on twitter all day watching Fox News telling us lies, and now he's lying again about Sarah Huckabee, sanders and the media.

President Donald Trump has previously swept Ocasio-Cortez's comments to the side, including shrugging off her comment from earlier in the month that there's "no question" he's racist. The Globe's piece was titled "JOURNALISTS ARE NOT THE ENEMY", and said that replacing "a free media with a state-run media" is the "first order of business for any corrupt regime taking over a country".

"The president put forward a proposal on Saturday that addresses that, that reopens the government, that gives Democrats things that they have said that they've wanted, gives Democrats things they claim to care about yet they're absolutely doing nothing to fix the problem", she explained.

"Every time Sarah steps up to the podium I get excited because I'm not sure what we're going to get, a press briefing, a bunch of lies or divided into softball teams". I think it's wrong that you can work 100 hours and not feed your kids.

  • Kyle Peterson