Meizu Announces a Phone Without Any Ports

Meizu Announces a Phone Without Any Ports


This led to speculation that the OEM were about to launch a new device with a "punch-hole" camera, or some kind of novel alternative to it. Meizu has also not yet commented on the price or a possible release window.

Are you a techie who knows how to write?

You need something unique to stand out now, and Meizu's answer is to eliminate some of the things you might think a smartphone shouldn't be without. However, there was more to it, in the form of something like ninja text. At the bottom edge of this image were the words "See you tomorrow!" Meizu also offers a wireless charging base for the smartphone.

-The Zero gives up the charging port.

Featuring a ceramic unibody design and being advertised as the "world's first holeless phone," the Zero does not feature any physical connectivity options or buttons. Does the Zero really look that much better than an iPhone XS or Samsung's latest Galaxy handsets just because it doesn't have ports or speakers?

Obviously, the new Zero can only use wireless charing.

The Meizo Zero is launching in China and due to its eSIM technology will only be available on carriers which support the technology.

The speakers (and their grilles) have been replaced by a piezo-electric sound system that turns the entire screen into a vibrating surface capable of making sound. In place of a conventional speaker, the Meizu Zero utilises a piezoelectric transducer under the display, something similar with what Sharp and Xiaomi have done in the past with their Aquos Crystal and Mi Mix.

With IP68 Certified Dust & Water Resistance, Meizu zero can withstand submersion under water for 30 minutes.

At first glance, this also applies to the Meizu Zero, because here too the 5.9-inch AMOLED display with narrow bezels extends across the front.

This ground-breaking design represents a potential wave of the future to which Meizu may have beaten other companies, perhaps even Google.

Apple shocked consumers when it ditched the headphone jack. On the front, there is a 20MP front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture and AI face unlock support.

You'll be pleased to hear it does feature a screen; a decently-specced 5.99in QHD OLED one at that.

  • Terrell Bush