FAA Temporarily Halts Some Flights into LaGuardia, Citing Shutdown, Staff Shortages

"Re-open government now!"

The stop was ordered shortly before 10 am as the partial government shutdown has entered its 35th day.

Lawmakers in the United States may have reached a short-term deal to re-open the government, but Canadians heading south of the border are still feeling the effects of the government shutdown, as flights are being delayed or cancelled because of staffing issues at US airports.

Some politicians are already using Friday's air travel issues as a shutdown talking point. The move, which requires agreements in the Senate and Congress, could mean the 800,000 government workers will begin receiving paycheques.

But experts say a resolution isn't likely.

Since airline workers are considered essential, they will continue to work without pay until the shutdown can end.

"It is unprecedented", they added in a press release. TSA employees at airports have been calling out sick in protest, with 10 percent of scheduled workers missing shifts last Sunday.

"With that said, in the past few weeks, we have warned about what could happen as a result of the prolonged shutdown".

"When I met with the TSA people the other day, they told us their stories and they're crying because it's so traumatic", U.S. Sen. This politically-motivated and extremely hurtful shutdown has harmed millions of Americans and West Virginians. The measure contained no border security or immigration provisions and was created to reopen shuttered federal agencies and provide a two-week window for congressional leaders and the White House to negotiate a deal on immigration.

"The President has been briefed and we are monitoring the ongoing delays at some airports".

Flights were delayed to several other major airports across the U.S., including the Newark Liberty International Airport.

The most critical staffing shortage is the Washington shortage, which affects NY airspace in terms of incoming and outgoing flights, the spokesperson said, adding that the Newark International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport and Tampa International Airport were also experiencing delays.

FAA spokesperson Gregory Martin said issues occurred at two air-traffic facilities: one in Washington, D.C., that controls high-altitude air traffic over seven states, and another in Jacksonville, Fla. The airline industry's three biggest unions said "we are not confident that system-wide analyses of safety reporting data, which is used to identify and implement corrective actions in order to reduce risks and prevent accidents is 100% operational due to reduced FAA resources".

LaGuardia has not commented on stopping incoming flights.

Newark International Airport was also affected with up to 44 minute taxi and gate hold delays.

The FAA website reported that due to staffing issues, departure traffic is subject to a ground delay program.

"So, right now, we're seeing delays on the majority of our flights going in and out of LaGuardia here to Pitt". The temporary restrictions affect arriving and departing flights at the airport.

If you are coming to the airport to catch a flight or to pick someone up, you're asked to check the flight status first. "My heart is beating so fast", she said.

Departing flights from Philadelphia and Newark are delayed between an hour and an hour and 15 minutes, and LaGuardia departures delayed between 15 and 30 minutes, the FAA said.

  • Eleanor Harrison