Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you're calling

Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you're calling


Without the recipient answering the phone, audio from the other user's phone is then streamed to the caller.

"They will swipe up to add a person and enter your own phone phone number. r". First, you call someone on FaceTime.

To avoid falling victim to the bug, disable FaceTime on all your devices until Apple's software updates have been released.

Apple users were vulnerable to a major bug that allowed people to listen in on FaceTime calls before the recipient answered the call.

Apple's online support page noted there was a technical issue with the application and that Group Facetime "is temporarily unavailable". The glitch apparently appears when both the caller and the receiver are running iOS 12.1 or newer on their iPhones.

The bug happens when a user creates a FaceTime conference call, puts in their phone number, and then adds the number of another person.

According to the report, the bud lets people call anyone on FaceTime and listen to the audio coming from the person they're calling even if the person has not accepted or rejected the call.

The technique involves using the software's group chat function, apparently confusing the software into activating the target's microphone, even if the call has not been accepted.

That said, this FaceTime incident is a serious blow to Apple's carefully constructed image of the champion of privacy. Apple is now fixing the issue with the glitch. In the meantime, you might want to consider turning off FaceTime if you're afraid of friends (or enemies) abusing the bug.

An Apple spokesman told the BBC: 'We're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week'.

On a Mac, launch the FaceTime app, go to FaceTime menu near the top left and click on Turn FaceTime Off.

In order to deactivate FaceTime on your iOS device, navigate to "Settings, ' then tap on 'FaceTime" and select 'Off'.

  • Terrell Bush