Wrestlemania 35: Triple Threat Main Event Still Planned

WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch's road to WrestleMania 35 was unconventional but effective as she won the second-ever women's Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

The Man got in the ex-UFC star's face on Monday night to challenge her for the Raw Women's Championship at the megaevent, later this year. She failed to take the SmackDown Women's Championship from Asuka, submitting clean in the opening bout of the main show, before reappearing later to win the women's Rumble match.

Lynch and Rousey have been feuding for months, so it's certainly not a surprise that the big payoff will come at Wrestlemania.

Well, ahead of their WrestleMania showdown, Lynch and Rousey are at it again - and it's no less entertaining than the first time around. She said that she wanted Becky Lynch to be her best self when she faced Rousey.

Royal Rumble 2019 took place a few hours back and Becky Lynch aka The Man emerged victorious.

Ronda then sensationally claimed she could "kill" Lynch in the ring if she wanted, and bragged about stealing the show at last year's Wrestemania. Her replacement would be Charlotte Flair who ended up facing Rousey in a non-title match at Survivor Series.

But Rollins was left ruing his decision when Lesnar hit him with six versions of his trademark move.

Raw ended without an official challenge being issued, but WWE later confirmed on their social media that The Kingslayer will indeed be challenging the Universal Champion at WrestleMania.

  • Kyle Peterson