Hawaii quarantines Washington kids till they beat measles: ‘They are gone, thankfully’

Washington and OR are two of 18 USA states that allow this.

In Clark County, however, vaccination rates have been dropping.

There are now 35 cases in Clark County alone, and there are more than 50 places in Washington confirmed as a "public exposure location" where a person with measles may have exposed others include retail outlets, schools, churches, and grocery stores. Public health officials from Washington had to warn their counterparts in Hawaii about the incoming family.

A public health emergency has been declared in Washington with over two dozen cases of measles.

"If you put a case of measles into a highly unvaccinated population, it can spread like wildfire", he said.

The best protection against measles is vaccination, the centre said. Clark County Public Health Officer Alan Melnick told the paper that if vaccination rates don't go up in the area, the state could be seeing more incidents like this one moving forward. The proportion of children receiving no vaccine doses by 2 years old rose from 0.9% among those born in 2011 to 1.3% among those born in 2015, the CDC reported in October. It can also be hard to catch early signs of the illness; symptoms generally start to appear seven to 14 days after infection, meaning that people can spread the disease before they know they are sick.

The virus can spread through the air and by touch. It can cause serious complications, including pneumonia and encephalitis, and can be deadly.

The Clark County Department of Public Health in Washington is now investigating a measles outbreak impacting almost three dozen people. This particular outbreak has spread to 31 people who were not immunized and four people who were "unverified". In the remaining cases, authorities had not yet verified their immunization status. Twenty-five of the 35 confirmed patients are children under 10 years old. The non-vaccinated children entering schools was 1 percent in 2000 and has risen to 7.5 percent in 2016-17. Doctors are also asking patients with measles symptoms to come later in the day to avoid spreading the illness during busy hours. These exemptions have made OR and Washington "more susceptible to entirely preventable outbreaks", he told Vox.

SOLOMON: Thirty-one of the confirmed patients had not been vaccinated against measles, and the region has been identified by health experts as an anti-vax hotspot.

People with measles are usually quite ill. Adults born in the US before 1957 are considered immune to measles from past exposures, but in situations where exposure to measles is likely, these adults may benefit from a dose of MMR vaccine to be safer. However, state laws allowing parents to opt out of mandatory vaccinations quickly began eroding those statistics, leading to outbreaks across the nation.

In 2018, 17 outbreaks and 349 cases have been reported in 27 jurisdictions of the United States. The CDC attributed the jump to primarily unvaccinated people in the Orthodox Jewish communities in New York state, New York City and New Jersey.

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