Trump to his Intel: Get thee back to a schoolery

The move by several top US intelligence chiefs to contradict US President Donald Trump on a number of foreign policy issues sheds light on an internal battle within the Trump administration, Kevin Zeese, co-coordinator of Popular Resistance, told Sputnik.

"Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!" he said in a series of tweets.

"The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran", he wrote in one of the posts in which he had defended his position on Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan. Trump, who pulled out of the deal, insisted Wednesday that Tehran remains "a source of potential danger and conflict". Mr. Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker promoted the facility as evidence that they were helping bring back manufacturing to middle America and the U.S.

Trump is expected to meet with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, next month for a second meeting on nuclear weapons.

As for Iran, Central Intelligence Agency director Gina Haspel told the hearing that the country is still abiding by the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal despite Trump's decision to withdraw past year, claiming Tehran had broken it.

Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, against the advice of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, led Mattis to resign in protest. The deal he struck with Kim, he said, meant there was "no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", and "everybody can now feel much safer". Negotiating are proceeding well in Afghanistan after 18 years of fighting. The Democratic-led House overwhelming passed legislation last week reaffirming US support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance, another target of Trump criticism.

"Moscow's relationship with Beijing is closer than it's been in many decades", Mr Coats told the Senate Intelligence Committee's annual hearing on worldwide threats, where he testified with the director of the CIA, FBI and other top intelligence officials.

Wednesday, President Trump insisted that the United States relationship with NKorea "is the best it has ever been".

CIA Director Gina Haspel said ISIS is "still dangerous" and that it commands "thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria".

CNN reported Wednesday that Trump, who did not watch the full testimony, singled out Coats by name in a morning rant spurred by television reports showing his most senior national intelligence officials contradicting his stances on ISIS, North Korea and Iran. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall.

The US intelligence report earlier concluded that North Korea was "unlikely to give up" its weapons stockpiles and production abilities while it tried to negotiate "partial denuclearisation steps to obtain key US and global concessions".

"You look at what's happened in Syria with respect to ISIS and the caliphate, we took over a lot of area in the last two weeks. Decent chance of Denuclearization". Richard Burr (R-NC), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, according to Air Force Magazine.

According to allegations, Russian Federation used a mix of social media influence and old-fashioned cyberattacks in 2016 to sway the elections in favour of Donald Trump - something that both the Kremlin and Trump himself have repeatedly denied.

The US has struggled with its policy toward the PMF, backing them in Iraq throughout the ISIS war as indispensable allies, but quickly labeling them enemies if they crossed into neighboring Syria to fight against ISIS there.

  • Rogelio Becker