Beyonce And Jay Z Offer Vegans Free Concert Tickets... FOR LIFE

Called The Greenprint, fans are asked to commit to eating a certain amount of plant-based meals in order to enter.

Is this a celebrity fad?

The project is the brainchild of Beyonce's personal trainer, Marco Borges, who published his The Greenprint book in December explaining his plant-based diet and exercise plan.

The first family of hip-hop wants you to go vegan - and their putting their money where their non-meat eating mouths are. Clicking the link will show a contest sponsored by 22-Days Nutrition, a vegan nutrition company that produces protein powders and bars. They can participate in "Meatless Mondays" or enjoy vegan substitutes such as "plant-based for breakfast".

Many fans, of course, were eager for the opportunity to be crowned Beyoncé's star vegan.

The music world's unofficial King and Queen, Beyonce and Jay-Z, is giving one lucky fan the chance to win free tickets to their concerts for LIFE.

The reality is that the demand for meat, dairy and eggs is very likely to decrease as a result of this challenge, as more people make vegan-friendly choices. As an added incentive, she also teased that there's potential to win free tickets to not only her concerts but also Jay-Z's for LIFE! The interactive website demonstrates the impact of eating plant-based meals on the environment from absorbing harmful emissions, to cleaner water to the conservation of power.

While free Beyoncé and Jay-Z tickets for life is certainly incentive for forgoing the chicken for the chickpeas, there are so many other reasons to consider a plant-based diet, many of which go beyond our individual lives.

  • Kyle Peterson