Fortnite is hosting Marshmello concert

Footage posted online by hundreds of players shows their in-game avatars dancing and flying in front of a virtual stage at the event on Saturday night. However, you must first visit the Showtime venue (in Pleasant Park) in order to unlock the Keep It Mello emote.

Credit: Epic GamesMarshmello's live Fortnite concert was yet another landmark event to take place within Epic's insanely popular battle royale game, and could be an exciting glimpse at the future of entertainment.

For those in the United States, the Fortnite Marshmello concert will be going live again at 2am EST, which will likely follow the rules of the first.

The concert will take place Saturday at the Pleasant Park location.

The event has gone down as a huge success, both Marshmello and Fortnite are trending on Twitter worldwide.

Concerned about dying or being eliminated during the Marshmello concert?

It combined integrated merchandise (Marshmello dances and skins), a global shared experience that was also personal (only 50 gamers per game) and unique gameplay (gamers floated up into the sky).

In addition to the special Showtime Challenge rewards, players can purchase the Marshmello outfit (1500 V-Bucks), Mello Rider Glider (500 V-Bucks) and Marsh Walk Emote (500 V-Bucks) from the in-game item shop. "So insane, thank you Epic Games and everyone who made this possible!"

Marshmello uploaded the whole concert to his YouTube channel which you can watch below.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

  • Kyle Peterson