Townsville flood: evacuation continues as waters peak

Residents in Northern Queensland are now battling once in a century monsoon weather and record rainfall, but it's not just the water that they need to be anxious about! Grocery store chain Woolworths said it was sending in food supplies by barge, while supermarket chain Coles was flying stocks into Cairns and trucking them to Townsville.

"If the thought of coming face to face with a crocodile isn't deterrent enough, before you start playing in flood waters you should always remember the distinct possibility you could be wading in your neighbour's faeces", the statement said.

"It was frankly quite overwhelming, people are in shock", Morrison said after visiting Townsville. Expressing sympathy for young families who had lost their homes."The real work is to make sure that they can get through the clean-up and rebuild their lives".

The local disaster planning team says the worst-case scenario is that 20,000 homes will be inundated, in what is already Townsville's worst flood on record.

9 News reported that entire suburbs of Townsville were completely submerged.

"We've never seen anything like this before", Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said. The devastating floods have brought in crocodiles and other deadly reptiles onto the streets.

As of Tuesday morning, the weather shows no signs of letting up across Queensland.

The authorities were forced to open floodgates late Sunday, unleashing what they called "dangerous and high velocity flows".

The Ross River at Aplin Weir was measured at 3.11 metres on Sunday night, with authorities expecting it to continue to rise another four metres.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said overnight rain had thankfully missed the catchment of the dam, which remains swollen with water. "We are not out of the woods yet".

"As we know, there is still heavy rainfall across the area".

  • Joey Payne