Newborn girl rescued from drain pipe in Durban

It was raining last night, this little baby was washed down from up on the roadway.

You can hear witnesses cheering as the baby is pulled to safety.

The naked baby can be heard screaming as she is brought out into the sunlight and gently placed into a towel held by a paramedic. "A helicopter is inbound to transport the baby to a nearby hospital as soon as possible", said Jamieson.

The baby was found to be suffering from mild hypothermia when she was freed.

Police search and rescue teams, assisted by eThekwini Fire Department, Metro Police and paramedics have begun digging a trench into a stormwater drain in Newlands East on Monday to reach a newborn baby that is presumed to have been dumped.

"We went down to the drain and put the lights on and I couldnt see and I took off my top and I could see the baby there in the corner", said Lovdale.

Mr McKenzie said when rescuers first arrived she was around 6ft down the drown but was then washed about 18ft further down the 1ft diameter drain.

"She has been awake, responsive and crying", Hardcastle said of her current condition. The community was also very supportive and helpful which was great'.

"They have been calling me to find out how does one get to adopt the miracle baby", she said.

  • Rogelio Becker