Arrest made in case of woman found dead in suitcase

Police in New Rochelle, NY have announced that Valerie Reyes' ex-boyfriend Javier da Silva has been arrested in connection with her death.

Valerie Reyes, 24, of New Rochelle, was identified as the body found in a suitcase in Greenwich, Conn., police said.

"The arrest of Javier Da Silva is a result of the outstanding work and cooperation between members of the New Rochelle Police Department, the Greenwich Police Department, and the F.B.I".

Highway maintenance workers carrying out a routine sweep found her barefoot with her shirt unbuttoned and her hands bound behind her back.

"We are confident that the pursuit of justice for Valerie will be successful and we continue to work with the family to provide closure to this tragedy, " Berry said in a written statement.

Police say an arrest has been made in the slaying of a 24-year-old woman whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase in CT.

The investigation into Reyes" death is ongoing as Capt. Berry said "there's a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up' during the conference.

DeSilva "is charged with one count of kidnapping resulting in death, which carries a sentence of death or life imprisonment", Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY confirms to PEOPLE.

"Reyes did tell her mother what turned out to be true: "'I'm afraid someone is going to murder me".

Captain Robert Berry says investigators "zeroed in" on DeSilva after he allegedly used Reyes's ATM card to withdraw cash multiple times after her death.

Sanchez says she desperately tried to pry for more information, but her daughter refused to specify why she felt that way.

Her most recent ex wrote on Twitter: "It wasn't me".

According to the New York Police Department, Reyes suffered from depression and anxiety.

Her ex-boyfriend had just moved out, the Journal News reported.

Several items were missing from Reyes' apartment, police said.

On Tuesday, DeSilva appeared before a federal magistrate in White Plains who ordered him held without bail, ABC News reports. The New Rochelle, New York, woman's remains were found February 5 in a wooded section of Greenwich.

The Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has yet to release the autopsy results to rule the cause of death.

According to court documents, the suspect told investigators he and Reyes were having sex at her home when she fell to the floor and hit her head. She said that her daughter feared that she would be murdered.

  • Rogelio Becker