Meghan Markle "Vilified" By Media Like Princess Diana: George Clooney

Last month, five of Meghan's close friends told People magazine the duchess had endured "lies and untruths" and "global bullying" and they anxious how this would affect her and her baby.

According to the Press Association, during a panel discussion promoting his new Hulu show Catch-22 in Pasadena, California on Monday (11Feb19), George criticised those hounding the pregnant Duchess.

"They're just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere, she's been pursued and vilified", Clooney told Australian magazine WHO.

Last week one paper published a highly personal letter they said was written by Markle to her estranged father in which she begged him to "stop lying.stop exploiting my relationship with my husband".

Her tweet came just days after Clooney, who attended Meghan's May 2018 royal nuptials to Prince Harry, spoke out in defense of his friend, who has been at the center of a number of controversies since being welcomed into the Royal Family.

The Duchess' half-sister Samantha Markle has said her father is prepared to release more of the letter.

Clooney, who attended the couple's wedding past year, on Tuesday stirred up a hornet's nest of discontent by accusing the London tabloids of giving the new Duchess of Sussex "a raw deal".

The ending Clooney referred to was the 1997 vehicle crash in Paris in which Diana died along with Dodi Al-Fayed as they fled the paparazzi.

George Clooney is coming to the defense of Meghan Markle, comparing the harsh treatment she's receiving from the media to the treatment of Princess Diana decades ago.

Prince Harry sported a look we haven't seen in a while! "It's very kind of you to invite me into your private shrine or whatever you want to call it".

Harry and his brother, Prince William, have spoken out about how their mother was treated by the press and especially by paparazzi.

Meghan will be around 30 weeks - seven months - pregnant at the time of the mini-tour. And while most parents will tell you it's impossible to predict how you'll feel after the baby arrives, I wouldn't be surprised if Meghan was right back out there a few weeks after the birth of their child.

  • Kyle Peterson