Regina Kings wins Oscar for best supporting actress

"Chris Evans wins Best at Supporting Actress", on Twitter user joked, posting a photo of Evans and King's sweet exchange. "It's just a reminder of when Hattie McDaniel won, she didn't win just because black people voted for her". King's speech was a stunner, too, and it got off to a great start, partly thanks to a chivalrous Captain America. "She won because she gave an wonderful performance and especially then, the Academy was not as reflective as it is now".

This wasn't the 37-year-old actor's only sweet moment during the ceremony. We've got the video, here. She lauded the late Baldwin for birthing the story and writer-director Barry Jenkins for nurturing and surrounding it with "so much love and support". "I'm blessed", she said. It also caps an award season that saw her performance in Jenkins' film, in which she played a woman determined to vindicate the imprisoned father of her grandchild, earning a Golden Globe, a Critics' Choice Award and honors from numerous regional critics' groups. "If we have not experienced a violation on that level firsthand, we have lifted a sister up through that".

We had the Oscars on during dinner and when Chris Evans helped Regina King up the steps, my husband and I both agreed we'd step aside to let the other marry Chris.

"And you look handsome AND well groomed, " Curtis wrote.

What do you think of this gesture? I am supposed to have a seat at that table.' So that energy was going on throughout the production of this film. And that's the thing: "When you have men and women working together, pretty unbelievable things happen".

  • Kyle Peterson