Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X herald foldable smartphone era

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X herald foldable smartphone era


The Mate X comes in a brand-new "Interstellar Blue" finish, however more out of this world is its price. It folds outwards into an 11mm thick handset with a 6.6-inch main display and a 6.4-inch secondary screen. In fact it seems Huawei is aware of this as they also presented a protection case in which you can slip the whole device in, trying to address this compromise of this surely better looking, but likely less practical design. Huawei didn't delve into its lens specifications, but if its flagship devices are anything to go by this could make for high-calibre selfies from the quality of a rear-facing camera.

It's an astonishingly slender device. It has a thickness of 5.4 mm in the unfolded state which is thinner than the Apple iPad Pro 2018. On the back of that grip is a vertically-aligned triple camera system, along with a flash.

There are no camera bumps on this phone and the fingerprint sensor is directly on the power button. In fact, the Mate X will have that issue as it has a larger cover display.

Verizon will launch 5G in 30 cities this year, and both offices and remote workers stand to benefit.

Now that the Huawei Mate X is another 6-inch denominator unfolding into a 7-inch tablet.

Inside the smartphone's slim body is the latest Leica cameras, supporting the most advanced imaging features to date.

Huawei here has opted for a novel asymmetric design where one half of the screen is narrower than the other one.

BOE Technology Group and LG Display are some of the other flexible OLED panel makers for smartphones, but their yield rates are said to be far from satisfactory. However, from my limited time with the Mate X, I'm already liking what I see, particularly how flat and compact it is when folded up.

Huawei claims the Balong is capable of 4.6Gpbs download speeds. One advantage that the Mate X does have however, is the inclusion of 5G despite Huawei's struggles with its network around the world.

"This phone is not only for today for 5G but also for future 5G".

A new four-minute video reveals a clearer picture of how the Galaxy Fold looks, ahead of its United Kingdom release on May 3, featuring the hinge and how apps such as Google Maps switch from a large display when the device is unfolded, to a traditional smartphone set-up when closed.

  • Terrell Bush