Here’s How Rotten Tomatoes Is Responding to Repeat Trolling On Unreleased Films

In addition to this change, the site announced it will also disable its comments sections for any film that has not yet been released, for very similar reasons. In recent years, certain users have been targeting movies such as The Last Jedi, Black Panther and, more recently, Captain Marvel, with negative reviews and comments.

Rotten Tomatoes announced that it will be changing up its website to better reflect audiences response and hopefully deter trolls.

"We are disabling the comment function prior to a movie's release date".

HuffPost monitored the comments on the "Captain Marvel" page and saw Rotten Tomatoes was removing some of the hateful posts.

Audience users - those who are not critics for official entertainment review sites - will no longer be able to publish their comments or reviews until after the release of a movie. As Rotten Tomatoes explains, there was some confusion between that number and the Audience Score, which is only revealed via user reviews once the movie has actually been released.

Rotten Tomatoes expounded on this change in a blog post, saying, "Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership".

It looks like Brie Larson's Captain Marvel isn't going to have to fight trolls alone.

With the release of Captain Marvel less than two weeks away, Marvel Studios has unveiled three new clips from the Brie Larson-headlined superhero movie along with a new featurette entitled "Intergalactic War" which takes us behind the scenes of the film and includes interviews with stars Larson, Gemma Chan, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, executive producer Jonathan Schwartz, and directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden; check them out here... The Audience Score is the percentage of all users who have rated the movie or TV show positively, meaning they've given it a star rating of 3.5 or higher (out of 5 stars).

Rotten Tomatoes has already rolled out its new fan rating system, which you can check out on the website now. Now, instead of a percentage score, the site displays a raw number of users who have indicated that they intend to see the movie (for "Captain Marvel", that's 16,571 as of this writing).

These are just a few of the major changes that Rotten Tomatoes plans to roll out for the audience rating system, which will still be featured prominently - now adjacent - to the critics' Tomatometer Score.

The Rotten Tomatoes audience score has become sorely abused.

You can read the entire Rotten Tomatoes editorial here.

  • Kyle Peterson