North Korea warns USA of risks as summit looms

President Donald Trump said he doesn't expect to lift sanctions on Kim Jong Un's regime, as he prepares for a summit with the North Korean leader this week on American demands that Pyongyang end its nuclear program.

Officials in Hanoi said they had about 10 days to prepare for the summit - much less than the almost two months they said Singapore was given for the first Trump-Kim meeting last year- but still vowed to provide airtight security for the two leaders.

Vietnam's ruling Communist Party tightened security in the capital ahead of the summit, as hotels filled with thousands of journalists pouring into the country.

"I think a declaration just between North Korea and the United States is enough", the spokesman said, adding that there can be various types of a declaration.

The two "leaders" were found at the Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi as they shook hands and embraced each other. Kindergarteners dressed in traditional Korean Hanbok were practicing songs meant to welcome Kim.

U.S. intelligence officials recently testified to congress that North Korea was unlikely to ever give up its entire nuclear arsenal.

But not everyone agrees that Kim could achieve what Vietnam has without giving up his tight grip on power.

Passing over the Friendship Bridge that crosses from North Korea into the PRC, Kim's heavily-armoured luxury train was not expected to stop for very long in the Chinese city. He was then taken in a van to the airport with three Vietnamese men, who were not in uniform and who did not identify themselves.

The comedian, who is a resident of Hong Kong, was detained on Friday, where authorities told him that his visa was "invalid".

Meanwhile, Vietnam has announced a traffic ban along Kim's possible arrival route.

Hundreds of soldiers guarded the area near the Dong Dang railway station on Monday ahead of Kim's expected arrival. He completed the last stretch from a border station to Hanoi by auto.

"What [Trump] said is that ― what he said was that the efforts that had been made in Singapore ― this commitment that Chairman Kim made ― have substantially taken down the risk to the American people", Pompeo said.

P-914 was built in 1990 and entered service with Air Koryo in 1992, the NK Pro Aviation Tracker shows, with the same aircraft having flown Kim Jong Un's limousine and bodyguards to Singapore for the summit with Trump last June.

The US president proclaimed that the North Korean nuclear threat was over after the Singapore summit, and Scott Seaman of the Eurasia Group said he had one eye on a Nobel Prize.

"As a South Korean, I think it's great that South Korea, along with North Korea and the able to advance global relations", Ms Choi said.

Trump, speaking in Washington on the eve of his departure for Vietnam, said he believed he saw eye to eye with Kim and that they had developed "a very, very good relationship". Hours earlier, he ended a tweet about the summit by posing the key question that looms over their meeting in Vietnam: "Denuclearization?" And it is a socialist country that has made economic reforms.

But a formal end to the conflict is not just a matter for the two Koreas, Mr Choi said, and required the cooperation of other countries including the US, China and Russian Federation.

  • Rogelio Becker