Fans Find Evidence That Respawning Might Be Coming To Fortnite

Fans Find Evidence That Respawning Might Be Coming To Fortnite


This new section will offer up skins that become available only after a player has purchased the related featured item and also have the legend tokens to buy the exclusive item.

But while Apex Legends has landed as a pretty complete package, there are still a few important elements missing.

There is one issue that seems to effect Apex players of all stripes, though, especially on PC. Apex Legends vs Fortnite doesn't sound so different. There's nothing worse than preparing for the final showdown of a match, only to lose a member of your squad to a crash and get stuck fighting at a disadvantage.

As big as this game is now, I am surprised that nobody has caught this sooner. But crashes still happen relatively frequently, and they can totally wreck a game.

Important! Found files do not 100% guarantee the appearance of this function in Fortnite. Are you excited for more Apex Legends content, or are you over the battle royale formula already?

A new leak suggests that the Apex Legends Battle Pass will be released on March 12, with a new character also going live in March too. Reconnecting to a game you dropped from through no fault of your own fits with that line of thinking as well. It feels fresh and dynamic with respawns, giving dead teammates a reason to stick around instead of just quitting the game. Epic Games has not yet commented on the find. Frankly, he appears as if he hopped right out of something like Borderlands, but we're definitely digging what we see and can't wait to get our hands on him. At least that way the average player's game won't be ruined.

The current Roadmap, as offered up by Respawn directly on Twitter, gives us a breakdown of just when we can expect things to really kick off in the world of Apex Legends.

  • Terrell Bush