United Kingdom royals to block trolls on their social media sites

The Kensington Palace official Twitter handle released a set of guidelines for "anyone engaging with our social media channels" on Monday, banning any "obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful" and discriminatory posts.

The palace went on to say that they "reserve the right to hide or delete comments made on our channels, as well as block users who do not follow these guidelines".

Shortly after their plea, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York penned an open letter on the negative effects of social media in support of the #HelloToKindness campaign, launched by British magazine Hello! Users can not be obscene, offensive, threating, abusive, hateful, inflammatory, be defamatory of any person, or promote sexually explicit material.

The unprecedented move comes shortly after a source exclusively told HELLO! that staff had been spending hours each week moderating sexist and hateful comments directed toward the two duchesses.

Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been the target of online hate.

The guidelines mention the social media channels The Royal Family, Clarence House and Kensington Palace.

In January, Hello! magazine reported a rise in sexist and racist comments directed at the women, prompting the United Kingdom publication to launch its #HelloToKindness campaign focused on promoting kindness on social media. Apart from the obvious, comments must also be on-topic, relevant and intelligible. As per a CNN report, the royal family reached out to social media firms to help them in tackling online abuse in January.

Some 3.87 million accounts follow the Royal Family's Twitter feed and another 1.69 follow that of Kensington Palace as the House of Windsor seeks to reach out directly to royal fans and showcase its work, with the overwhelming number of messages supportive.

Let's hope that from now on, the royal Instagram accounts become a more pleasant place for everyone.

Meghan Markle (L) and Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the first annual Royal Foundation Forum on February 28, 2018 in London.

The statement continues by warning users that inappropriate comments will be sent to "law enforcement authorities for investigation".

  • Kyle Peterson