Celtics' Jaylen Brown blames 'toxic' locker room for Boston's struggles

According to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, the Celtics star has reportedly grown distant and disengaged from his Celtics teammates.

That clearly won't go over well in the locker room, along with what Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris have said in the past.

"Sources around the team told me that Irving's persona has changed, too: He's become disengaged and detached from those around the team", O'Connor writes. There is talk that Irving's friendships on the team start and end with Tatum, with whom he shares an agent.

Throughout the Celtics' trials, each player has handled the discussion of the team environment differently from one another. Some interpreted the move as another shot at the Celtics' young players.

The other question is, does this mean Irving will sign with the Knicks?

A reunion between James and Irving doesn't appear all that likely, considering the way things ended last time. He muttered 25 total words before a Celtics staffer ended the session.

Before the loss to the Rockets on Sunday, Irving was seen walking into the arena, followed by TV cameras, saying, "I'm not gonna miss any of this s- when I'm done playing". Kyrie Irving told reporters, "I don't owe anybody s--", when asked about his free agency on February 1.

Irving has recited the line about playing high-level basketball before.

Well there is a reason the regular season is played.

"I just saw something the other day where he's the greatest player playing in our game right now, but just seeing somebody question (LeBron James's) body of work, like my body of work, (Kevin Durant's) body of work, the team success falls on the best player and whether to call it fair or unfair nobody should ever question what type of victor those guys are, what type of victor I am, or whether or not I have the "team first" mentality".

Irving could turn a corner and bring his game to a new level once the postseason begins. They're currently a team built to win now, with players such as Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Al Horford, but with a mix of young talent in Brown and Jayson Tatum.

Somewhat more pressing for the Celtics though is their growing concern over whether Irving will want to re-sign.

  • Stacy Allen