Retro 'Captain Marvel' Is Empowering But So-So Superhero Filler

"Captain Marvel" is a superhero movie with the heart and soul of an indie film, and that works both for and against it.

Jackson's younger Fury, two-way paging his way out of trouble at times, is just getting a grasp of the world's unknowns in "Captain Marvel" - a stark difference for a character that has always been the glue of and an authoritative voice in the MCU.

When writer/directors Boden and Fleck steer their film towards spectacle, Captain Marvel does go big, especially during the A New Hope style finale, which sometimes suffers from underwhelming CGI splurge, or lack of an indelible character musical motif, but is requisitely thrilling none-the-less.

All is not what it seems in Carol's world; after being ambushed by the Skrulls, she has a rude awakening and comes crashing down to Earth-literally-sparking a quest to uncover the mysteries of her past.

If Captain Marvel is lacking in any area, it would be the music and even this comes with a strong caveat.

Brie - whose real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers - swept back her platinum blonde hair into a chic bun and kept her subtle makeup focused on her flawless complexion.

Larson, whose directorial debut "Unicorn Store" hits Netflix next month, said she felt encouraged by steps Hollywood studios were taking to be more inclusive.

Brie Larson is receiving mixed reviews for her performance in Captain Marvel.

So when it came to promoting "Captain Marvel", which begins its worldwide rollout on Wednesday, she lobbied for more women and people of color among those interviewing her. More than anything, this is a showcase for girl power, finding strength within yourself, and forging your own path. Larson is perfectly cast too, turning in work that is above and beyond for the genre. As far as Captain Marvel's detractors are concerned, DC's surprise critical and commercial hit has rather beaten Marvel's big-screen heroine to the punch; Lopez criticises the film for its political weakness in the face of Wonder Woman's overt feminism.

Captain Marvel is such a welcome and appealing addition to the Marvel universe that I wish she could be added, retroactively, to all of the extant "Avengers" movies (one of the extra scenes suggests I'm not the only one). While this movie will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Wonder Woman, this is one category where the latter clearly wins-Diana has a great metal-inspired riff and Carol deserves one of her own but alas it's not found here.

Despite the bumpy journey, Captain Marvel seems to be doing just fine: It set the record for Fandango's best-selling pre-release film, beating Avengers: Infinity War, reported. Agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) detains her for questioning and discovers that her fragmented memories suggest she's not Kree, but human. Well, in terms of abilities, the character is hands down the most powerful out of all the MCU superheroes. "Those are things that I learned from her". Apple has given a series order to a Brie Larson-fronted drama based on Amyrillis Fox's upcoming memoir Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA, TVLine has learned.

This is a win for Marvel Studios' first venture into female-led film territory, following highly-rated female-led TV shows like Jessica Jones and Agent Carter.

There's also the sense for some that the film is merely setting up chess pieces for a more exciting game to come later, a criticism similarly directed at early Marvel entries like Thor and the first Captain America. "When you see the whole movie, you will see that the range she has to exhibit is epic". The reception has been a bit more mixed, but still largely positive; as of this writing, Captain Marvel sits at 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. I love all the female characters so much. Carol Danvers is fearless because Maria's daughter tells her that she's fearless. Seasoned veterans Mendelsohn and Benning are both clearly having the time of their lives being a part of the Marvel universe in pivotal roles, and yes, Goose the cat is the magical MVP.

  • Kyle Peterson