Captain Marvel: Mid-credits and end-credits scene explained

"That's what this is all about".

Academy Award-winning Brie Larson is the actress stepping into the role of Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie.

It was the ideal topper to the press conference. There have been 20 films in the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe and none of them has had a female lead.

"Captain Marvel" is firmly in the latter category.

Several characters have taken on the name Captain Marvel throughout the years (for further reading, check out this deep dive), but today, the title belongs to Carol Danvers. Batwoman, another CW show, is also in the works, while Marvel's Jessica Jones will see its third and final series air on Netflix this year. The much-awaited sequel of 2018-film Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to release on April 26, 2019. The Kree soldier was originally ordered to infiltrate and monitor Earth's advancement in missile and space technology by Colonel Yon-Rogg after the Fantastic Four defeated both a Kree Sentry and Ronan the Accuser. Despite the rumblings of a specific set of fans, the film has a highly respectable 82 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The scene doesn't go on long enough to give us any real answers-we don't get to see how the team reacts to Carol or how Carol reacts to the team, what that dynamic will be like, or if they're even able to trust each other under the circumstances.

The pair of them are Kree, inhabitants of the planet Hala, where he runs an elite military unit and she is his bright protege. So she was delighted with what she saw as nuance and flaws in the character. But still, it's cool to get our first look at her with the rest of the gang. That's everything. That's for everybody. Maybe it'll be among the worst Marvel movies to date.

Boden said as challenging as directing the film was, it was also empowering to be at the helm of a big studio production.

Think about it when people automatically start pitting Captain Marvel against Wonder Woman, simply because they're the only two big superhero films that have featured a woman... against an infinity of male-centric stories. The Marvel Universe seems to remain well and alive, and one can sense that a Phase Two is ultimately imminent. What ends up happening is that part of Mar-Vell's DNA fuses with Carol's granting her superhuman powers. Why was she never here to help Earth? To me, the heart of that film was Brie Larson's character's relationship with her Earthly best friend Maria Rambeau, played by Lashana Lynch, and her daughter Monica, played by Akira Akbar. "That's been the theme of this whole press tour and understanding that it changes from day to day, what feels empowering to me and what makes me feel good is going to be different". The engine explodes and the Tesseract's energy bonds with Carol Danvers. As Vers learns more about her backstory (to delve into details here would involve major spoilers, although fans of the comic likely won't be too surprised), we discover that she faced systemic sexism throughout her life as she worked hard to realize her potential as a gifted athlete, fighter pilot and all-around warrior. If anyone can actually fight - and defeat - Thanos, it's her.

That's not to say that a movie about a woman can't be inspirational to boys and men. The old and stubbornly held Hollywood belief that a superhero movie starring a woman would flop was bolstered by some painful evidence: the critical and financial failures of Supergirl (1984), Tank Girl (1995), Catwoman (2004), and Elektra (2005).

  • Kyle Peterson