Springfield's Convoy of Hope responds to deadly tornado devastation in Alabama

Forecasters say the tornado that slammed into Beauregard, Alabama, scraped the ground for one hour and 16 minutes as it tracked almost 69 miles (111 kilometres) across Alabama and Georgia.

"We believe that every victim was in the residence when it hit".

"It's devastating when you think about it", Reese said.

Taylor loved her 10-month-old brother nearly as much as she loved animals, especially horses, said Stan Cox, head of the Lee-Scott Academy, a private Christian school in Auburn, Ala., where Taylor attended.

That made conditions especially harrowing for first responders, who were already on their way into the region in the wake of the first storm while the second was already bearing down on the region.

The National Weather Service said one and possibly two tornadoes struck the area, with a powerful EF-4 twister with winds estimated at 274km/h blamed for most of the destruction. "They all ended up, with the exception of two, outside the residence", Mr Harris told reporters, adding that their homes "aren't there". A small number of people, perhaps seven or eight, remain missing, authorities say.

"I received the two phone calls today from two large corporations within thirty minutes of each other offering to pay for the funerals for the 23 victims", Harris said.

The youngest victim was Armando Hernandez, 6, family member Sara Crisp said.

Dozens of people were injured, with 77 patients from areas affected by the tornadoes hospitalized on Sunday.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Monday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency would be helping.

"They kept trying to get David to leave, but he said the only way I am leaving is with her", Ashley said.

"So I went through my home this morning I got things that I'm not going to use and I know they'll be needed here".

Air Force One arrived at Fort Benning, Georgia, at 10:43 a.m. CT, and President Trump and the first lady exited the plane, waved to the crowd and boarded Marine One, on his way to Lee County.

"I just had to tell them that everything that proves who I am is out on that road", Cordarrly Jones said.

Auburn is now working with local authorities to plan more ways to aid in relief efforts, according to athletic director Allen Greene and basketball coach Bruce Pearl - who said he lives near one of the hardest-hit areas.

Meteorologist Chris Darden in Alabama travelled to the scene and confirmed at least F3 damage in extreme southern areas of Lee County, according to a special weather statement issued Sunday evening.

Tornadoes are measured on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which is abbreviated to EF when labeling storms.

The tornado struck the area on Sunday shortly after 2 p.m. CST.

One resident of Beauregard who survived the tornado, Julie Morrison, claimed that she sought shelter in one of her home's bathrooms as the tornado lifted it clear off of the ground.

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