What Euronews' female staff want on International Women's Day

Hundreds of thousands of people across Spain marked International Women's Day on Friday with a "feminist strike".

On International Women's Day we celebrate the strong, empowered Zimbabwean women who contribute so much to our nation. The United States of America celebrated National Women's Day on February 28, 1909 till the year 1913; in Russian Federation women also celebrated this day on the last Sunday of February in 1913. But after switching gears to tweet a statistic about women's unemployment, the president released a statement on International Women's Day. And since then, the awareness regarding this day has increased many fold over the years and this important day is now widely being accepted and celebrated through the world.

German women gained the right to vote in 1918.

The conservative Partido Popular will not take part in major March 8 demonstrations, arguing that they have been politicized by the left. Organizers reportedly plan to protest against poverty and unpaid labor that often falls upon women.

Germany's Family and Women's Minister Franziska Giffey tried to reunite the themes of female empowerment and the dignity of labour by donning orange overalls and working a shift with refuse collectors in the Berlin suburb of Wilmersdorf.

Zimbabwe commemorates International Women's Day today.

On Friday, unions, feminist groups, and left-wing political parties planned 1,400 marches and rallies in Madrid, Barcelona, and cities throughout the country, guided by the slogan, "If we stop, the world stops".

  • Rogelio Becker