James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Ugly Fake Statue

David Beckham wouldn't have been the first soccer player to get a weird-looking commemorative statue, and James Corden used that to his advantage.

The comedian and Late Late Show host played a prank on the legendary footballer for a stunt on his late night talk show.

The statue's unveiling wasn't a thrilling moment for Beckham with all the features going awry.

The real statue is a classy tribute Beckham in an unmistakable pose, as if about to strike a trademark free-kick, commemorating his achievements as a two-time MLS Cup victor and his history-defining presence in Major League Soccer.

Chris Klein, one of Beckham's former LA Galaxy teammates and club president, was in on the prank as a video package of Beckham's Galaxy highlights showed some of his lowlights, too.

The Late Late Show
The Late Late Show

With Galaxy president Chris Klein doing an impressive turn as an actor and Cordon nearly laughing himself to tears as he watched and listened from an adjacent room, Beckham eventually asked for the cameras to be turned off, saying: "If my kids were to see this, I think they'd just cry, to be honest". "I mean, look at my chin?" Look at my eyes. Beckham, who hadn't seen the finished product yet, was at the Galaxy's stadium to get a sneak peak in a private showing.

"The only thing that's good is the hair", he added. "Yeah, but there was capturing me in motion but also making me... look at my chin!"

By the end, a forklift accidentally knocked the fake statue over, breaking it and having Beckham tell the driver he did him a favor.

Then came the main course.

  • Kyle Peterson